About me / digital processing of fotos

I am living with my family in Wabern on the outskirts of Berne. My wife and I have been taking photographs for a long time already, some in our immediate surroundings or further out in the landscape, some on our travels throughout the world. The arrival of digital photography opened up a whole new range of possibilities to process the pictures and gave me new creative ideas.
By mirroring the photographs taken in nature fantastic shapes, figures and beings are revealing themselves. So technique – in this case the computer – serves to make visible the magic worlds hidden in nature. The photographs, representing images taken of the outer world during our hikes and travels, when processed and mirrored can take the observer on an entirely different journey of discovery, of symmetries in shapes and surprising three-dimensional effects.


The photos are printed in different formats on canvas and mounted on 4.5cm thick wooden frames. The structure of the canvas and the fact that the pictures are separated from the wall  by the frame create an additional spacial depth.

in Bernau, Kultur im Quartier, Seftigenstrasse 243, Wabern near Bern from September 7th to September 21th, 2016 from 7:00 to 10:00 P.M.

Vernissage in Seftigenstrasse 243 in Wabern on Wednesday, September 7th from 7:00 to 10:00 P.M.

Areal Gurtenbrauerei in Wabern near Bern „Kunst in der Baustelle“ 2012

Villa Bernau Wabern „Zauber der Natur, Einblick in verborgene Welten“, 2013

Wabern Post may 2013 (front cover, pages 3 and 13)

Anzeiger Region Bern, Kulturagenda 23.5.2013

Wabern Post june 2012 (page 8)