Dream Gnomes
Dream Gnomes are little dwarfs. They live near us humans and they take care of us, our pets and plants. In ancient times mankind still knew of the existence of dream gnomes. Unfortunately over the passed centuries knowledge and awareness of the existence of these cute beings and the unseen world got lost.
Therefore life on earth became harder and many beings on this earth began to suffer.
The little gnomes decided to visit children and adults in their dreams to remind them of their essence.
The Dream of the Little Angels
The Little Angels come with a message to us humans. They know all about the great secret about the true essence of mankind and its purpose on earth. When you carefully open the little book and read it with an open heart, you will discover this secret. After reading the booklet you will close it with a knowing smile and you will pass it on to your best friend.
A wonderfull, unique and precious gift sent from heaven and the world of angels.