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(a magic and charming oracle deck of cards)

The little angels are small helpers of the big angels! They are responsible for all those small tasks of daily life and the multitude of challenges that are connected with human relationships. Before you even turn around, the Little Angels come flying in and leave a message for you.

It is amazing what kind of different angels there are: the Dishwashing Angel, the Goalkeeper Angel, the Gardener Angel or even the Rockmusic Angel and many more! Each of this enchanting angels has a specific message.
All oft them are hidden in this pretty gift box and are waiting for you to discover them. Then they can spread their magical charm and inspire you with their messages to make your day even more worthwhile!
The most charming angels presently populating the space between the Pleiades, Sirius and Earth.

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The Tiny Little Angels

Dear friends of the angels

How exciting is it to come to you. We are always looking for people with an open heart for angels.
We have messages which are meant only for you. It is our divine mission to look deep into your heart and find out what is most helpful for you just now.

Carefully spread out all the tiny cards on a table. Take a deep breath in and become still. Mix and spread out the cards again and let your left hand glide over the cards to find out the one meant for you just now. Hold it to your heart, then read the message and you will feel our presence immeditately.
We tiny angels bring you messages from heaven and also assist you in their manifestation.

We bring you blessings from heaven.
Your team of the tiny little angels.